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jueves, 27 de mayo de 2021

[Grabación y Chat] Conversatorio con Oliver Kell /Oliver's Book ("Victory in Stock Trading")/Advice to Retail Investors

 [Grabación y Chat]
Conversatorio con Oliver Kell /Oliver's Book ("Victory in Stock Trading")/Advice to Retail Investors

Comunidad Global Bolsa
Estimados amigos, les paso la grabación del Webinario realizado el 26 de mayo.
¡Gracias Jesús Camarena por la traducción!
¡Gracias Oliver Kell por su amabilidad y consejos!
Comunidad Global Bolsa ¡Únase!:
Roberto Guadalupe


00:01:02 Willy Ruiz: si
00:01:06 Jorge Luis Fernández Cuzco: Si
00:01:48 Jonathan Manchego: No veo a Jesus ni Oliver
00:01:57 Jesus Camarena: Ya esoty
00:02:00 Jesus Camarena: Ya estoy
00:02:54 Jonathan Manchego: Si estaba, pero ahora ya no me parece
00:02:57 Ruben Davila: No lo veo
00:03:08 Nikolai Olortegui: Ya volvimos
00:03:59 Gertrudes Sotero Villar: Buenas noches Roberto
00:04:28 Jonathan Manchego: En mi caso tambiennse cerro y se reconecto automaticamente.
00:04:28 Nikolai Olortegui: Deben ingresar nuevamente con el mismo link
00:06:03 Jorge Luis Fernández Cuzco: En mi caso volví a ingresar con el enlace que llegó a mi correo electrónico
00:10:28 WALTER DAMASO RAMOS: están visualizando la pantalla? Veo los nombres de los integrantes de la sala.
00:10:32 Harold Paredes: no se ve
00:11:20 Harold Paredes: no se ve a menos que no haya pantalla
00:12:14 WALTER DAMASO RAMOS: ok. gracias
00:15:34 cesar Mauricio: con cuanto de capital puede iniciar un pequeño inversionista y debería ser swing day trading o a largo plazo
00:16:57 Rudy Solis: HI oliver do, You use SMA or EMA? and witch one? 7, 20, 30, 50? thnks
00:17:15 Rudy Solis: days or weeks?
00:18:38 Oliver Kell: I use the 10/20EMA and the 50/200SMA
00:19:29 Rudy Solis: thnks
00:20:55 Harold Paredes: preguntarle con cuanto dinero empezó? gracias
00:22:25 Rudy Solis: when you leave the market? following some index like the sp500?
00:22:37 Rudy Solis: or other?
00:22:49 Jose Corcuera: Base on your strategies listed in your book, what would you said is your success rate and your profit/risk rate?
00:24:29 Oliver Kell: Im usually risking 1-3% and making 15-20% on most of my trades but I will have a couple trades per year that turn into bigger winners.
00:28:39 Rudy Solis: Do you invest in companies of less than 1B? Or do you only see the amount of shares traded?
00:29:18 Ruben Davila: Hi Oliver. Do you use some special tools like Level II or maybe the Option Chain in order to get an idea about where the price is going to move?
00:29:34 Rudy Solis: 2B to 10B ok
00:29:38 Rudy Solis: thnks
00:30:50 Oliver Kell: I don't really use the level 2 or option chains....its always good when you can see big option flow but I don't really scan for it.
00:31:33 Ruben Davila: Thanks!
00:31:44 Rudy Solis: do you buy in pre or post market?
00:32:03 Oliver Kell: occasionally but I do the majority of my trading during mkt hours
00:33:06 Vic Stein: Oliver, I imagine that you are now a full-time operator.
Could you comment briefly on your transition path to making the decision to trade full time and what were the reasons for making that decision? was it to reach a certain amount of money, was it consistent returns or some other reason?
00:34:00 Rudy Solis: Do you keep your position on the day of presentation of the company's financial statements? or sell before the presentation?
00:34:42 Oliver Kell: consistent returns, I gave my wife capital to live on/saved up, and then also grew the size of my account to where when I have a reasonable year I can easily support myself
00:34:57 hector cornejo: do you use channels?
00:35:21 Oliver Kell: I will hold into earnings if I think the stock/pattern still has potential. If it is later in the move or if the stock is extended I will reduce my position or book it before earnings.
00:39:14 Oliver Kell: The descending channel is a chart pattern I use
00:40:22 Rudy Solis: the profitability of your fund to date is how much?
00:41:17 YARIPSA PORTUGAL: your name
00:41:22 Carlos Morales: sigamos con las preguntas porque a Oliver le queda poco tiempo con nosotros
00:41:30 cesar Mauricio: solo aparece tu nombre
00:41:35 Vic Stein: Oliver, what percentage of your current net worth is capital contribution (savings) and how much is investments profit?
00:41:36 HIPOLITO RAFAILE: imposible perder máximo 5% , muchas veces el mercado ya abre  con perdidas fuertes o acaso opera  con el mercado cerrado??
00:42:09 Oliver Kell: I just started it in March and in the mid double digits
00:42:14 Luis Luján: Depende que acciones escoges
00:42:19 Rudy Solis: I follow You on twitter, I appreciate the recommendations, good luck
00:42:26 Oliver Kell: thanks Rudy....you too
00:42:33 Ruben Castro: Miguel, preguntale como busca sus valores, que parámetros toma.
00:42:36 Ruben Castro: Gracias
00:44:10 Lizbeth Huanca: Oliver how do you find your values, what parameters do you use?
00:44:59 Lizbeth Huanca: what platform do you use for see it?
00:45:46 Nando Nando: Hello Oliver, quick question before you go put your new baby to sleep (congrats btw)
Once you retire, what’s the %
00:45:48 Jesus Morante chavez: permanece en balances ?
00:45:48 Oliver Kell: I execute via interactive brokers but I do my charting on thinkorswim
00:46:06 hector cornejo: purchases with bearish or bullish tendencies?
00:46:18 Oliver Kell: I find my ideas my writing down names on the new highs list, writing down new IPOs and putting them in a list, and then I review those lists and have an eye for good charts
00:46:48 Oliver Kell: I do the majority of my trading on the long side but I do short stocks some times
00:47:31 Rudy Solis: thnks 4 your time
00:47:44 Nikolai Olortegui: cómo podemos comprar el libro?
00:48:01 luz san roman: me gustaria comprar gracias
00:48:03 Lizbeth Huanca: how we can to buy your book?
00:48:13 Harold Paredes: yo compre aparte
00:48:14 Luis Arbaiza: where can we buy the book?
00:48:23 Oliver Kell: its on kelltrading.com
00:48:35 Oliver Kell: its only an ebook currently but I am having a hard copy made
00:48:38 Lizbeth Huanca: thanks
00:48:51 Harold Paredes: i bought tour book
00:49:07 Harold Paredes: ver y good
00:49:33 Ever fernandez: Jesus, preguntale cual es su rentabilidad en lo que va del año
00:49:35 Bernardo Cespedes Panduro: Tiene varios libros
00:49:46 Bernardo Cespedes Panduro: ¿Cuál es el más importante?
00:50:07 Lizbeth Huanca: what is your worst experience and how you return to the way?
00:50:22 Rudy Solis: can you give us the name of a mentor?
00:50:41 Harold Paredes: what other books do you hace.oliver
00:51:43 ROBERTO GUADALUPE - GLOBAL BOLSA ACADEMIA: Se ve mi pantalla amigos ?
00:51:45 Sebastián Condori: Can u show us your trades of this year, Oliver?
00:51:47 Rudy Solis: si
00:52:00 Rudy Solis: ya se ve
00:53:12 Lizbeth Huanca: and thank you and congratulations for your baby 🍼
00:56:31 Jose Corcuera: How much time do you dedicate to trading every day?
00:58:14 Oliver Kell: I usually sit down around 830AM, get focused, reheasrse in my head what I plan to do, sit at my desk from 930AM-430PM, take a break, then Ill usually work from 530-7pm to get ready for the next day......then if I need to I will do more work after dinner. I try to be done by 7 though so I can relax the rest of the night.
00:58:32 Luis Luján: A course for the community of Peru
01:00:20 ROBERTO GUADALUPE - GLOBAL BOLSA ACADEMIA: https://www.kelltrading.com/
01:00:30 ROBERTO GUADALUPE - GLOBAL BOLSA ACADEMIA: Enlace al libro de Oliver 
01:00:54 Sebastián Condori: Can you show us your trades of this year, Oliver?
01:00:59 Oliver Kell: I can show some trades next time as I have to go shortly...happy to come back
01:01:28 Sebastián Condori: Thanks Oliver
01:01:36 Oliver Kell: absolutely
01:01:42 ROBERTO GUADALUPE - GLOBAL BOLSA ACADEMIA: https://twitter.com/1charts6
01:01:59 Carlos Morales: Thank you very much Oliver
01:02:33 Jose Corcuera: Thanks Oliver for your time!!!
01:03:30 Luis Luján: Thanks for everything Oliver, keep learning
01:03:42 Oliver Kell: always. The learning never stops.
01:03:53 Sebastián Condori: Maybe you can translate your book to Spanish, there might be a lot of people interested in it
01:05:14 Jorge Baldeon: thanks for your advice Oliver
01:05:35 Oliver Kell: I will look into somehow translating it to spanish
01:11:05 Carlos Morales: Yes, 10% - 15% per month will be great!
01:11:24 ROBERTO GUADALUPE - GLOBAL BOLSA ACADEMIA: Les gusta el cuadro de Excel ?
01:13:58 Lizbeth Huanca: si gracias
01:16:56 ROBERTO GUADALUPE - GLOBAL BOLSA ACADEMIA: Aquí puede comprar el libro de Oliver Kell:
01:16:57 ROBERTO GUADALUPE - GLOBAL BOLSA ACADEMIA: https://www.kelltrading.com/
01:17:41 ROBERTO GUADALUPE - GLOBAL BOLSA ACADEMIA: https://twitter.com/1charts6
01:18:05 ROBERTO GUADALUPE - GLOBAL BOLSA ACADEMIA: Financial Competitions 2021:
01:18:19 ROBERTO GUADALUPE - GLOBAL BOLSA ACADEMIA: https://financial-competitions.com/blog-1
01:19:05 HIPOLITO RAFAILE: Podriamos ver algunos valores ??
01:19:45 Jonathan Manchego: Que valores tiene en su cartera actualmente?.
01:22:16 Luis Luján: Oliver, how do you see the market this year, will it continue to be bullish and what sectors do you like?
01:23:32 Oliver Kell: Im not sure....I take it day by day. We are on a nice run currently. I think if we can base out and hold higher we could maybe keep going but things have been choppier so no guarantees.
01:26:20 Jesus Camarena: RBLX, UPST, SNAP, SHOP, PATH, CRWD, NVDA, DASH, TSLA, SQ
01:32:01 Luis Luján: Use more technical or fundamental analysis, in what percentages would it be
01:34:02 Oliver Kell: I pay attention to the fundamentantals but all my trading is based on technical analysis
01:34:41 Sebastián Condori: Bye Oliver, thanks
01:34:55 Lizbeth Huanca: Thank you
01:34:59 Luis Luján: RBLX just came out
01:35:04 Magda Alva: Thanks Oliver
01:35:10 Jonathan Manchego: Thanks, Oliver. 
01:35:14 Pedro Lopez: Thanks Oliver
01:35:37 Jonathan Manchego: 👍
01:35:44 Harold Paredes: god bless you oliver
01:35:56 Ruben Davila: Thanks Oliver
01:35:57 VICTOR HUAIHUA: Thank You
01:35:58 John Fierro: Congrats Oliver for your  book,  your time and teachings. You are great.  Thanks a lot
01:38:31 Jorge Rivera Vega: Roberto podemos analizar los 10 valores de su cartera­?
01:39:53 VICTOR HUAIHUA: Roberto, podemos estudiar su libro?
01:40:54 HIPOLITO RAFAILE: si está en pdf el libro se puede pasar a Word y traducir
01:42:57 Sebastián Condori: Una reunión con Minnervini, Roberto
01:46:16 Luis Luján: Usa thinkorswing para sus análisis
01:49:26 HIPOLITO RAFAILE: Roberto hay que pulir ese punto de cortar rápidamente las perdidas , esa es nuestra debilidad,  estamos dejando caer mucho nuestras acciones
02:00:25 Jesus Morante chavez: bien sabe koreano ???
02:00:28 Alexander Santos: asu seri increible tener al chino 
02:01:26 Miguel Medina: excelente
02:03:07 Lizbeth Huanca: las criptomonedas son bien volátiles, como paso por lo de Elon Mask
02:03:39 Lizbeth Huanca: *Musk
02:03:51 Bernardo Cespedes Panduro: No es que a la larga vas a perder todo tu dinero en el trading?
02:09:12 Luis Luján: Jesús arma el grupo, deja algo para los demás😁
02:09:20 Carlos Morales: Jesús, apúntame en este nuevo grupo de Criptos
02:10:20 Luis Luján: Confirma Jesús sobre el grupo de criptos
02:10:51 Jonathan Manchego: Critopmonedas. Mercado asesino como comenta. Correciones letales 
02:11:19 Luis Luján: Es para los interesados nomás
02:12:17 Jonathan Manchego: Dogcoin🐶
02:14:04 Luis Luján: No pues
02:14:17 Luis Luján: Bitcoin y los más grandes
02:15:19 Luis Luján: Si se meten a timbas grandes ya es riesgo de uno
02:17:29 HIPOLITO RAFAILE: También podemos  analizar el libro de Minervini. yo lo tengo traducido en Word
02:18:14 Jonathan Manchego: Si estuvo bueno el webinar hoy.👍
02:18:29 Tito Panduro: Buenísimo escuchar a gente que obtiene resultados.
02:22:51 Carlos Morales: Compártelo Hipólito
02:25:34 Alexander Santos: yo me apunto desde ahora pal otro año
02:28:32 Luis Luján: Roberto compartes el chat
02:28:50 Tito Panduro: Seria bueno crear una nube donde la gemte coloque los libros y la comunidad tenga acceso.
02:29:08 Harold Paredes: muchas gracias Roberto
02:29:11 Miguel Medina: Gracias excelente👍
02:29:13 Luis Luján: Oliver respondía
02:29:15 Jose YAIPEN: excelente experiencia brindada.
02:29:16 John Fierro: Roberto muchas gracias por tu gran aporte buenas noches
02:29:18 Jonathan Manchego: 👍
02:29:20 Alexis Barrios: Michas gracias.
02:29:24 cesar Mauricio: gracias
02:29:26 Jose YAIPEN: gracias Roberto
02:29:28 Luis Luján: Gracias a todos
02:29:30 Yessenia Ypurre Tasayco: Gracias Roberto!
02:29:32 Cesar Grados: Gracias Roberto 

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